There is nothing more special than a newborn Little Poppet. All new parents share a remarkably similar journey. The following tips have helped thousands of parents begin that journey and bond with their Little Poppet successfully.

  • Love and look after yourself;
  • Babies should sleep on their backs;
  • Support your baby’s head and neck;
  • Keep your baby warm by using a swaddle or blanket;
  • A safe, healthy environment;
  • Keep your baby dry and clean;
  • Loving touches such as cuddling and stroking;
  • Communicate by answering your baby with the same sounds as your baby makes;
  • Play with them with their favourite soft teddy;
  • Read daily to your baby.


The Perfect Newborn Personalised Baby Gift

When all else fails spoil your Little Poppet with one of our swaddles, personalised baby blankets and (or) a cuddly teddy, they are perfect gifts for a newborn, baby shower, birthday, Christmas, or just because!

Our personalisation is done right here in Australia with final touches of our personalised baby gifts are beautifully wrapped in a multipurpose cotton bag.

But most of all just enjoy parenting!!