Choices, we have to make the right ones sometimes. But when it comes to colours and fonts.... It's not easy.

So we put this little guide together so you know which font is perfect for your Little Poppet's personalised blanket or bundle.

Little Poppet Store Personalised Font Tokyo

Font = Tokyo 👍
Tokyo is a bold sans serif font a fan favourite for sure. Perfect for bold Little Poppets and so much more.
You will be tickling your Little Poppet pink when they are wrapped up as snug as a bug. You can see the Tokyo font on our pink personalised baby blanket.
Little Poppet Store Personalised Font Rockwell STD
Font = Rockwell STD 😎
Did you know that Rockwell font was established in the 1930's?
There is nothing old school about this font. It exudes elegance and class - just like our Little Poppets.
Check it out on our beige personalised baby blanket - making it the perfect monogram.
Little Poppet Store Personalised Font Ramson
Font = Ramson 🧐
The Ramson is a bold and fresh calligraphy script. Ramson makes the perfect pairing with our Olive Green Personalised Blanket - some say perfection we say glam!
Check it out today.
Little Poppet Store Personalised Font Bison
Inspired by the animal, it's sturdy uncompromising style is felt through the controlled letterforms and modern touches.
WOW! Bison is one of our most popular fonts and on our Mustard Personalised Baby Blanket ✅
Little Poppet Store Personalised Font Charming Lines
Font = Charming Lines 🥰😍😘
When you require a fun and happiness look why not try our charming lines font.  It's an effortless font to embroid but we love putting the extra effort in for our Little Poppets.
Steal a look of the font on our Teal Personalised Baby Blanket perfect for any baby name.
Little Poppet Store Personalised Font Just Brush
Font = Just Brush 🖊 🖊 🖊
Just Brush is a cute and positive script font that radiates life. It will add a playful and authentic twist to any creative idea! Or twinkle in any eye in our case 😆
Perfect for a cheeky Little Poppet that's for sure. You can check out on our Personalised Sky Blue Blanket perfect for anyone. 
Little Poppet Store Personalised Font Cherry Pie
Font = Cherry Pie 🥧🥧🥧
Cherry Pie is a super fun and playful hand-lettered bold font and type face. 

It's perfect for any Little Poppet that's for sure. Why not try it on our Personalised Lion Teddy perfect for any newborn gift. 
Little Poppet Store Personalised Font Golden Hour
Font = Golden Hour 💛💛💛💛
Golden Hour is a hand drawn font to impress any Little Poppet. If you want to put a smile on any dial why not try the Golden Hour font on our playful personalised Unicorn Teddy.
Little Poppet Store Personalised Font Little Dinosaur
Font = Little Dinosaur 🦖🦖🦖
Last but not very least the Little Dinosaur font. This font looks good and is a simple shape. It's the perfect pairing for any Little Poppet's peronalised Dinosaurs.

The Perfect Personalised Newborn Gift

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