Did you stumble across our page because a Little Poppet is on its way?

Congratulations, we hope this offers you some of the inspiration you are craving. Choosing a baby name is one of the biggest challenges you will face. It was certainly difficult to name our Little Poppets, some of the inspiration we drew from was family names, popular names, celebrity names and in one case we used a generator.

The baby names we have compiled are the most popular, trending and influenced baby boy and girl names, we hope this offers you some guidance in choosing the right name for your Little Poppet. 

Top 10 Popular Australian Girl Names
Top 10 Popular Australian Boy Names
Top 8 Trending Australian Girl Names
Top 8 Trending Australian Boy Names
Top 9 Baby Names By Influence



    The feminine form of "Charles," it means "petite" and "feminine." It has been a common name for royalty. Well-known Charlottes: novelist Charlotte Brontë; Wilbur's spider friend in Charlotte's Web; character in Sex and the City





    1. OLIVER

    From the French name Olivier, derived from the Late Latin word olivarius (olive tree). 




    1. WILLOW

    The name Willow means "willow tree" and "freedom." Willow trees are associated with grace and elegance, giving meaning to the word "willowy." It was derived from the Old English word welig, meaning “willow.”




    1. LEO

    Leo the Lion, stemming from the Latin word for lion, the name Leo dates back centuries. In German, it has its own translation, serving as a short version of Leon or Leopold most often and meaning "brave people" or "lion-hearted.



    Top 9 Baby Names By Influence


    1. ALICE

    Alice as a girl's name is pronounced AL-iss. It is of Old German origin, and the meaning of Alice is "noble, exalted".



    This article was inspired by the Baby Names Australia Report 2021 by Ashley Fell and Mark McCrindle is used by permission McCrindle Research’.  

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